Mezinárodní den vodyInternational Water Day is an important day for all those who want to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of water resources, whether individuals, organisations or governments. As a society, we recognise that water is a finite resource and that it is important to manage it sustainably. That is why we have implemented several measures in our company years ago that allow us to use water more efficiently and minimize water loss.

Our measures in place

Our measures include, for example, dual-flush toilets, which allow employees to save water when using the toilets. This helps us reduce water consumption while saving money on water and sewerage bills.

Another measure we have introduced is the use of an internal cooling circuit for our production lines. This circuit allows us to reuse water to cool our machines and minimise water consumption.

Our piping is environmentally friendly

As an irrigation pipe manufacturer, we recognise the importance of water as a natural resource for agriculture and horticulture. Our irrigation piping helps farmers and gardeners use water more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

When manufacturing our irrigation piping, we make sure that it is as efficient as possible while being environmentally friendly. We use modern technologies and materials that minimise water loss and increase water efficiency in irrigation. This helps farmers and gardeners save water and reduce irrigation costs.

However, we also recognise that water is a finite resource and that it needs to be managed sparingly and responsibly. That is why we strongly support research and development of new technologies that help use water even more efficiently and minimise the environmental impact of agricultural production.

We encourage employees to save water

In addition, we educate our employees on how to conserve water as part of their work and encourage all our employees to adopt water conservation practices both at home and at work.

For World Water Day, we would like to encourage all people to take an active role in protecting water resources. Together we can contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of this important natural resource.