Výměna oken

The energy crisis has affected everyone, whether an individual or a company. Our company was no different. Already Covid contributed to the unavailability of many materials, the energy crisis has prolonged this problem and made life difficult for many companies. Suddenly, companies all over the world had to cut costs and think about the future. Paradoxically, investment in measures in many companies, even in homes, has brought long-term savings.

TIÚ-Plast a.s. successfully managed the energy crisis thanks to measures such as repairing the roof, replacing windows in part of the building in use, insulating the production hall, resealing old windows and doors and creating an internal cooling circuit to cool the production lines. These steps have helped to reduce energy costs and minimise the company's dependence on external energy supplies. In addition, the temperature limit on the building's gas heating system was also lowered, which also helped to reduce energy costs.

OknaAnother measure taken by the company was the sale of production waste that could be used for further production, as well as the sale of used packaging materials such as plastic bags, roofing foil, PET tape and other recyclable items. Selling production waste and disposing of old products and materials more efficiently were other steps that helped reduce costs and minimize production losses.

New windows and roof repairs have reduced heat loss, while insulating the production hall and resealing windows and doors have helped maintain interior temperatures. The creation of an internal cooling circuit for production also reduced energy costs. Selling production waste and packaging materials were other steps that helped reduce costs and minimize production losses.

Overall, the measures were successful. We were able to reduce our energy costs and overall production process and minimize our dependence on external sources. We continue to work on improvements to the existing system.