We have been processing plastics for many years

We produce everything from tubes to custom profiles.

Wide range of uses

Our products are used in a variety of sectors. Starting from healthcare to construction.

Material Safety

Material Safety is our top priority. Therefore, our products do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

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Tlaková zkouška

We offer the services of our laboratory

Our laboratory services are available to our customers.


The laboratory carries out tests according to ISO, DIN, EN and DIN standards in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.


With our customers, we develop new procedures, recipes and tools for custom manufacturing.

Our laboratory

are available to you!

ISO 9001

We go through audits every year

To meet the high standards we go through regularly, several times a year audits, which focus not only on product quality but also to the satisfaction of our employees and customers

Internal audits

Several times a year we run internal audits that make people from different departments in each other.

Main audit

Once a year we undergo a major audit to maintain ISO 9001.

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Spolehlivá firma

Awards reliable company

For several consecutive years, we have received awards from the Živé portal. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We strive to meet their heavy demands while not limiting others. Our sophisticated system of communication between production, sales department and customers is a success.