International Women's Day is an important day that is commemorated annually on 8 March. This day commemorates the struggle for equality between men and women, as well as drawing attention to the many problems that women still face. TIÚ-Plast a.s. also joins in the celebration of this day.

At TIÚ-Plast a.s., women make up the majority of the administrative staff. However, the number of women on the production floor is increasing, which is a positive trend and shows that gender equality is gradually occurring even in places previously completely unrepresented. The company recognizes the importance of ensuring equal opportunities for all employees and is working to improve facilities and access to women.

Female employees of TIÚ-Plast a.s. have received recognition and awards from their superiors and colleagues for the work they do. This is an important step in maintaining a positive and supportive work culture that leads to the success of the entire company.

Recognizing employees for their work and efforts is crucial not only to maintaining morale and satisfaction in the work environment but also to motivating them to improve and achieve better results. It is important that such recognition is not limited to International Women's Day, but is part of the company's regular practice, and we are succeeding.

In addition to being recognized for their work, women employees are also involved in decision-making processes and activities that affect the company's operations. In this way, equal opportunities for all employees can be actively promoted and an atmosphere of equality and inclusiveness created.

As we know that it is not always easy for women caring for children, employees are given adequate support in situations where they have to cope with personal or professional problems. For example, mental health support from colleagues, opportunities for flexible working hours, or other support tools.

Overall, TIÚ-Plast a.s. is a step ahead in terms of gender equality and support for its employees.