Despite all government resolutions and measures, we continue to produce and ship to a similar extent as before the announcement of an emergency. Many of our employees have small children at home and such a loss of income would be felt. We met them and we made a plan for a crisis period.


Perhaps the most difficult decision was to close the public buffet on the premises of our company. Given the number of boarders and the impossibility of complying with government regulations, this was the only way out of the situation. Our employees thus bring food from home. Guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Unfortunately, this eliminates the possibility of refreshments for drivers who come to us.


Since many of our employees have children at school or kindergarten, we have allowed them to exchange shifts according to their needs. Production goes on without interruption, as well as shipment from the warehouse. Unfortunately, many of our customers found themselves in a situation where they had to reduce their traffic or were afraid to send someone for pipes. It doesn't have to. As we wrote in the previous article. We have safe measures for all who visit our premises.


Our opening hours remained the same despite everything. Our customers can pick up goods from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. Upon agreement, it is possible to agree with the warehousers that they will wait here for a while longer.


We can only hope that the situation will calm down soon.