Like other companies, we are affected by the COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) coronavirus epidemic, which affected virtually the entire planet. Like other businesses, ours has taken precautionary measures, which we are stricter. We do our best to protect the health of our employees.

Purchase of disinfectant material

We must admit that this item, on the list of measures, was the biggest challenge of all. In the end, thanks to good relations with companies around us, we managed to get enough disinfectants and we could provide disinfectant soaps and disinfectant solutions wherever it was needed.


Masks and respirators

As recommended by experts and later government regulations, all our employees have some face protection. Some sewed masks themselves, most are sewn drapes delivered us when our worker sewed voluntarily homeoffice.


Internal measures of the company in offices

As in other companies, our employees are banned from business trips. Order to restrict purchases to the minimum necessary. There must be no more than one worker per office. Multiple workers in one place must always use masks. employees are ordered to close their office doors. All have the opportunity to refill disinfectants as needed. If there were more workers in the office, some stayed at home so there was only one person in the office. In all cases, all office workers are ready for an ordered full homeoffice.

All meetings are conducted in the form of video calls to be effective and safe. We have therefore reduced contact between workers to the strict minimum necessary.


Internal measures in the warehouse

Basically, we have two waves of measures. The first one for us is the entrance to the Spolana grounds, where no one will be allowed into the premises without a mask or other face protection. The Security Service also measures the temperature of incoming drivers and visitors.

Our actions in coordination with other businesses on the campus are as follows. Auxiliary warehouse worker, who works in our place of protection, stayed at home for preventive reasons. the storekeepers themselves agreed among themselves how to take turns, who would stay home and who would be at work. There can only be one warehouse worker at a time. Drivers coming to our premises must wear a veil and must not enter the building. They call one of the storekeepers, and those in protective equipment go to him. Minimize contact with the driver. Unfortunately, this has for some time lost the possible assistance of our people in loading. The driver must handle the loading himself. If there is no need for driver's participation in loading or unloading, the driver is sitting and waiting in the car. Warehouse workers prepare the papers and bring them to the car and the driver can leave. This eliminates any contact and contamination to the minimum necessary. After each loading, warehousers, and everything they used, will go through disinfection.


Internal measures in the hall

We had to impose restrictions on smoking breaks. People can only smoke individually. We prohibited the clustering of multiple employees in one place unless there is a need for production. Disinfectants and masks are available to all staff in the lobby. All employees must wear masks during the shift. In this way we tried to minimize people's contact while maintaining the operability of our lines.


We strive to inform all our partners and shipping companies about the conditions under which we operate now. They all accept these terms and continue to work with us.