Like other companies, it is also touching epidemic coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV), which affected virtually the entire planet. Like other businesses and ours take precautionary measures, to protect our employees and also prevent the production stop.

Entrance to Spolana

Our company is located on the premises of Spolana a.s., which has taken overall measures within the premises. When entering or passing through the premises, drivers and visitors may be required to measure body temperature by the security.

Our measures

Throughout the company, disinfection is carried out in all public areas, from running, toilets, showers to offices.

Our employees received disinfectants for increased hygiene in the workplace. Warehouse workers were given information on how to behave in the most responsible way when contacting drivers who come to us often enough from abroad. Therefore, they are most in contact with people from outside and thus most at risk.

Employees were informed about the necessary quarantine in case of suspicion and about the correct procedure to avoid infecting their co-workers.

Business trips of our employees have been canceled and we have limited to the minimum necessary visits to our company. We try to solve all necessary communication online in the form of conference calls or videoconferences.

We also ask our partners for responsibility

We ask our partners to show a responsible approach and inform our employees in a timely manner in case of suspicion of contagion after possible contact with our staff. We also ask for a responsible approach in the case of loading and unloading. We know that drivers have received exceptions, but we have only one health and we should respect it. Therefore, if you suspect a virus infection in the driver, do not send it to us. In return, we won't let our people sputter an infection on yours.