Custom tailored production of extruded plastic profiles

According to the customer request for the plastic profile or pipe

panorama_fish_eyeWe are trained to choose the appropriate material composition – plastic with suitable additives and fillers

panorama_fish_eyeWe will produce the necessary tools for the production of PROFILE or PIPE

panorama_fish_eyeWe offer the possibility of manufacturing a PIPE with the outside diameter from 4 to 160 mm

panorama_fish_eyeWe offer the production of PROFILE with the external dimensions up to 220 x 100 mm (W x H)

panorama_fish_eyeNon-pressure pipes - diameters 90, 110 and 160 mm

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You can contact the sales department if you are interested:

Jitka Pšánská

Sales manager

phone_android+420 602 472 061

phone+420 322 312 256

Michaela Hložková

Sales asistant

phone_android+420 720 943 080

phone+420 322 312 265