In cooperation with our customers, we develop new procedures, recipes and tools for custom manufacturing. In this case, it is a close collaboration between us and the customer that delivers the most accurate product specifications.

Plastic profiles

Extruded plastic profiles produced from required materials.

Plastic pipes

Of required color, properties, diimensions.

Polymer compounds

Polymer compounds according to required properties.

Examples of our work

Vývoj profilu nebo trubky na míru

Customized profile or tube development

Profil s vývojem nástroje na míru

Profile with tailor-made tool development


Custom Profile With Adding Warehouse

You can find more information about custom manufacturing

You can contact the sales department if you are interested:

Jitka Pšánská

Sales manager

phone_android+420 602 472 061

phone+420 322 312 256

Ing. Petra Richterová

Quality manager

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phone+420 322 312 255