We are preparing for the upcoming summer season of 2023 and are starting to stock irrigation pipes, which are intended for watering gardens. This news will be interesting not only for all owners of gardens who are interested in an efficient way to irrigation their plants, but also for implementation companies that deal with the irrigation of gardens, parks or football fields.

Irrigation pipes are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to high water pressure and sunlight. These pipes are very easy to install and can be used for irrigation of small and large areas.


We stock irrigation pipes of various sizes and lengths so that everyone can choose the right pipe size for their particular garden. Thanks to this, it will be possible to optimize irrigation and save water.

Irrigation pipes are also very environmentally friendly as they minimize water loss due to wind and evaporation. They are also of good quality, easy to install and environmentally friendly. Thanks to them, watering gardens will be easier and more efficient.

The irrigation pipes produced by us are now in a pre-season sale at our e-shop https://eshop.tiu.cz/zahradnictvi/ where you can also find other interesting products, such as pool edges and pressure pipes.