PE100 potrubí Just like other companies, we also had to think through our production program during the crisis and determine which one was not profitable enough. The PE 100 production line has been produced since 2002, when it was a very popular item. As technology and demands on pipes for water distribution change, interest in this product line has begun to wane. Although we still tried to keep something in stock, it turned out that these products are not a profitable product these days.

With final effect from 1 February 2023, we are ending the entire production of pipes in the PE 100 product line.

This gives us some information that you should know before you contact us with a question.

  • Stock of this range sold out in 2022 and will not be renewed
  • The entire product range is downloaded from the e-shop, price lists and websites
  • We don't have the material to make another pipe and we don't plan to buy it at the moment

Thank you for your understanding.