TIÚ-Plast a.s. na ANGA COMuFrom 9 to 13 May, we participated in the international trade fair ANGA COM in Köln Germany. Preparations for this fair, due to the covid situation, were uncertain and exciting. We waited until the last possible moment with the implementation.

Halved stand

We shared our stand with colleagues from our parent company SITEL. Because we are manufacturers and they offer implementation services, this connection made sense to us. We put our heads together and came up with a unique concept that we will be able to further develop. Our crew numbered six people. 4 for Sitel and two for our company.


Reklamní prospekty

Difficulty of preparations

Due to the situation and the rapid start of trade fairs throughout Europe, it was a relatively big problem to get a graphic and a printer with a free term. In the end, we agreed with the graphic designer Mr. Zdeněk Faltýn and the printer Michael plus s.r.o., who, despite the gallows deadline, came to our aid and went with us.


What we had ready

Because we no longer managed to print custom-made items, we decided to buy advertising items without printing and have stickers printed on the ALPENA printer in Neratovice.

We brought with us reusable silicone straws, pads with marking cards, flash disks with basic information about the company TIÚ-Plast a.s., brochures and catalogs, specially designed for this occasion, as well as a large number of samples of our products.

Colleagues from Sitel took with them, in addition to advertising brochures, keychains, candies, notebooks, advertising cables, and more.

We both went in without any previous experience with this fair.



TIÚ-Plast a.s.We were interested in interest

There was an unprecedented interest in our stand. We took dozens of business cards each. We distributed practically all brochures and we took away brochures from other companies. Although the fair was limited by covid rules, it did better than expected. We will be happy to show up at the fair again.


We thank our employees for their excellent work, patience, and organization of the whole event.