We produce special pipes for the construction work

The pipes are suitable for concrete foundation engineering, jet concrete foundation, pile foundation, micro piles foundation, rock anchorage
1. Polypropylene (PP) pipes for the concrete injection

panorama_fish_eyeFor pressures up to 170 bar (17 MPa)

panorama_fish_eyeDiameter 20 mm

panorama_fish_eyeDelivery - 110 m coil

2. PVC rigid white pipes for conrete injection

panorama_fish_eyeDimension: 32/25 mm

panorama_fish_eyeLength: 4 m

panorama_fish_eyePackaging: 2000 m (the rod of 4 meter length, 500 pcs)

3. PVC rigid transparent pipes for conrete injection

panorama_fish_eyeDimension: 40 x 5,5 mm

panorama_fish_eyeLength: 2 m

panorama_fish_eyePiece sale

assignmentThe technical specification of your desired type is available on the request.

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